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Kendra Smith at her computer

Hi, My name is Kendra Dixson.

I have been creating designs since I started my own cake decorating business when I was 12 years old. In my twenties I fell in love with watercolours and pursued my career as an artist.

I soon bought a commercial printer and began thinking more about the technical side of my art business. I pursued my diploma in Digital Media Design to learn more about colour correction, marketing and web design.

From 2007-2009 I taught at the Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna, BC. I also specialize in illustrations, web design and development, and graphic design.

This website is dedicated to my digital portfolio, and if you would like to see more of what I do, please visit my KendraArt website and my design blog.

If you are interested in my design or consulting services, please contact me to see what I can do for you or your business. I look forward to working with you.